Show You Can Distinguish Between Nuances in a Comparative Essay November

Show You Can Distinguish Between Nuances in a Comparative Essay November

July 14, 2019 0 By Elric Cochran

A good topic, five key elements and good research are all you need in a comparative essay If you wonder what a comparative /essay means and ask about stereotype essay , then read the phrase aloud, break it down to its two word components and you get: an essay where you compare. You are simply required to draw parallels between two issues, standpoints, texts or influential persons and you have to do so within a context.

Why are you asked to do such kind of an essay?

The rationale behind the comparison is to prompt you consider the nuances within a single, seemingly rigidly defined notion. In this way, you prove you can break it into its facets and can evaluate each one of them through the various interpretations your research has lent. Take, for example, Madonna as your notion and two singers who have taken after her style to examine. What you have to do is to compare and contrast the two by Madonna’s singing style, behavior, personal background, the metamorphoses she has undergone throughout her career. There you are, you show you know your subject well and you can distinguish among the interpretations of its many aspects by reviewing them through the prism of the two followers.

Theoretically speaking, this is called the point-by-point analysis.

There are a number of other ways to structure your comparative essay. If you compare two texts, then you can introduce them individually and then look up for similarities in what is called the text-by-text comparison. Or else, you could choose having the first text as the basis for interpretation of the second, which your teacher or professor will construe as discussing the second text through the lens of the first. Whichever approach you choose, your essay must contain several key elements. To quickly get the reader to the point, define the frame of reference or the context within which the comparative discourse will take place. If using the above example, then your frame of reference is Madonna. You also have to establish your grounds for comparison and in this case these are Madonna’s style, image, keynote events, background. Naturally, you are in need of a thesis, the assertion that points out where the two items under review are in unison and where they clash.

You can easily formulate your thesis by using the following construction. In our example, the thesis could be: A strictly duplicates Madonna’s career twists and turns, B has assumed a looser reproduction of his/her idol. Also bear in mind that all three components must feature in the introduction of your comparative essay.

In your two other mandatory structural elements, body and conclusion, you run the compare-and-contrast argumentation whether point-by-point or text-by-text. Eventually, you wrap it up with an illumination why this comparison matters. Keep in mind it should be consonant with your thesis and body. You can go for it now. However, if you still have second thoughts on how to write a comparative essay or have decided to let professionals do the research paper for you, just follow the link and leave us do the rest.