How to Come up With an Excellent Book Review

September 23, 2020 0 By Elric Cochran

How to Come up With a Book Review

After completing your final assignment, you are out of ideas because you do not know where to start. Imagine having a perfect piece, but the comments do not sit well with you. It happens to many students. You would think that there is no way to stand out, but there are effective strategies you can adopt to make your book review great.

These tips will help you coming up with quality work in the book review assignment. This article also discusses how to recognize good content that cannot be improved and address it.

After completing your assignment, the next thing you do is go through the entire content to identify the flaws. Identify the key points and go through them in the proper order. It should look like this:

  1. Introduction

A book review is a statement that answers the question, ‘Who is the main character of the story?” This starts by giving background information about the story. It can be a novel, a book chapter, or an essay. The primary reason for writing it is to help other readers understand the intended message you are trying to communicate. After you have done that, highlight the thesis statement, which is the main idea of the work. Explain to the reader the importance of the content you found and expound on it.

  1. Thesis

The thesis is the main thing that you are trying to say. It is important because it sets the scope of your review. Here, you are explaining why you picked particular themes to talk about. Avoid introducing new ideas. It is the same as introducing new characters in a novel. A thesis can be summarized in three sentences. For example, ‘The central problem is the main character’s behavior.” The second part describes the unique problems the characters have. Ensure you note their chronological order in the book to avoid confusing the reader.

  1. Body

This section comes right after the thesis. Your goal here is to give more details about the main point of your book. It must show a clear connection to what the thesis says and explain how you arrived at that conclusion. Do not provide strong opinions just to include something you find interesting. The body is where the meat of your review lies. In this section, discuss the ideas and ideas that support your thesis statement. Then, summarize the information you have discussed to have a clear idea. If your main point is that the main character was reckless, then write this sentence in your review.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion is the last part you write in your book review. It aims at summing up all the major points you discussed in the body section. It also should summarize the thesis statement to give a clue to what you want the reader to get from the piece.

Do you see the strategies in use to come up with an excellent book review? Do you also know how you can improve your work? Do not hold yourself back because these strategies can help you improve your writing skills. Take time to hone your skills to improve your overall academic performance.