Factors Influencing Graduations in College

Factors Influencing Graduations in College

June 18, 2020 Off By Elric Cochran

Reasons Why College Students Drop Out

College graduation is always a happy occasion for both the graduate and the family of the graduate. The graduation gowns, the graduation caps, the happy faces make you feel that it was worth it. Graduation is a ceremony held for graduates to show their completion of a course of study at either college, university, or school.

   During graduation, the graduates are awarded their academic degrees, diplomas, masters, or doctorate. It is a ceremony held to celebrate the students after passing the exams. An analysis of college graduations showed that out of 70â„ … of Americans who study in college for a 4-year term, only 2/3 graduate with a college degree whereas 30â„ … of the students in the first-year dropout.  

   3.9 million students in college graduated with a college degree in the year 2019 whereas 989000 graduated with an associates degree. Students who were awarded a bachelors degree were 1.9 million while 820000 got their masters degrees.184000 got their doctoral degrees yet more still drop out. Here are the reasons why college students drop out.

  • Lack of funds

Education is expensive and to join any college you need to have sufficient funds or have some financial system of some sort. Unfortunately, many cannot fully finance their studies and end up dropping out.

  • Poor grades

Studies in college are very demanding. Sometimes you have to stay up late in the night to sustain these grades. Poor grades have been one of the reasons why most college students get kicked out or drop out.

  • Lack of support from family

Some college student drops out as a result of failure to get support from their families. Family is the basic support of any college student. Some do not work and have to depend on their family at one point or the other and the moment the family stops giving out support, they end up dropping out.

  • Cheating

Failure to follow examinations rules and policies will land you in deep trouble. Many http://chemistry.mit.edu/graduate-program/thesis-preparation college students attempt to cheat to attain and maintain better grades. At some point, most get caught and what follows is being kicked out of college.

  • The wrong major

Most college students do some majors just because they were forced to. It had never been their dream. They barely have an interest in their majors. This makes them unfocused in their studies and then dropping out.

  • Unplanned pregnancies

Most female college students drop out because of unplanned pregnancies. Balancing between school and the baby becomes too hard and they are forced to drop out.

  • Loss of interest

Some drop out of college not because they are facing any personal or financial crises but they drop out of college just because they lost interest. Many of these who fall into this category are those are well-to-do and lack nothing in their lives.

Dropping out of college is an issue that needs to be addressed. Let us work together to build a much better future.